Nijssen Tuin & Bulbs Heemstede


Passion for garden and nature

It is spring and we are walking with our family at Keukenhof. We enjoy everything that blooms in the world's most beautiful spring park. Sometimes we notice something new that we don't know. That's beautiful, that's special, that might be something for our business. The children also observe. It is that passion for flower bulbs, perennials and all those other ornamental plants that bring colour to home and garden which runs in the blood at Nijssen Tuin & Bulbs Heemstede. 

It started back in the 1970s, when Peter and Annette Nijssen started a garden centre in Heemstede. The centre was later joined by a mail order business where enthusiasts could buy an exquisite assortment of special and rare bulbous and tuberous plants. 

After Peter passed away, Gert-Pieter and Ineke continued both businesses. 

Since 2015, our company has been called Nijssen Garden & Bulbs Heemstede. The garden centre has a wide range of garden plants for sale all year round in a special assortment and of good quality. 

Flower bulbs and tubers are shipped from our location in Hillegom. We have sufficient space there to properly store the many special crops. 

Meanwhile, the third generation has also become passionate about the many beautiful things we sell through our garden centre and catalogue. Wherever they can, they like to help out on the farm. Like us, they always look forward to spring.



The annual flower bulb catalogue includes more than 750 varieties, spanning dozens of different species and varieties. Special Rembrandt tulips from the Hortus Bulborum, autumn-flowering crocuses, English snowdrops, giant alliums and so much more. We no longer grow them ourselves, but a number of species are cultivated for us under contract. Many other varieties are purchased from specialists.

Thanks to a large international network, we can annually offer specialities from growers in England, France, Latvia and even Lithuania.

The plant centre in Heemstede boasts a considerable collection of perennials, Clematis, shrubs, roses, seeds and, depending on the season, a wide range of bulbs and annuals.


The view of our living and housing environment has changed.
For more and more people, the environment is important to consider. We too try to do our bit.

We no longer use artificial fertilisers and chemical pesticides, which means we are more responsibly with our natural environment and use as much rainwater for watering.

The range of organically cultivated products is also increasing: herbal plants and seeds
from de Bolster are currently in our range.
The range of sustainably grown bulbs in the autumn catalogue also increases every year.
This includes those bulbous plants that are attractive to bees and butterflies.
You can find more about sustainability on this website by clicking on Flower bulbs and the environment.



We would like you to be satisfied with our products and enjoy the next flowering season and enjoy the abundant colours and flowers in your garden, patio or balcony.

We do our utmost to achieve this by giving high priority to quality, service and attention at our plant centre in Heemstede and at the mail order company.